So, I am sympathetic to the fact that blacks face adversity, I just don’t know why a tax that is branded as a racial apology is necessary. If we spend more on the lower class, by default the spending will go to black families, correct? So if we can do the same thing through non-racial routes, the only thing reparations does is inflame the racial divide more, by violating many citizen’s appraisal of what is fair. What do you think families who make the same as poor black families will say when they are favorited by reparations and yet they live right next to each other? This will rend our sense of mutual citizenship and shared fate all the more. We need to drop the race card and share sympathy across racial lines.

I don’t know what handing out money will do for the fact that blacks have far less public goods than whites. I think rather than cutting a check, we should focus on the public goods blacks miss out on.

Writes about science, politics, philosophy, and the spaces that separates us as as species — and occasionally in story form.

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