I think past and current racism get woven together, and this is problematic, as racism is going away, and yet black communities suffer still from past offenses to them. The cause is slipping away slowly into the past, while the effects are still here.

I’ve seen people argue that blacks are not disadvantaged currently due to racism. There’s two points of fact that they like to cite: one is that West Indian Africans earn more than the national average(and suffered just as much inequality as African Americans) and poor blacks spend more on luxury goods than whites (like $2,000 a year I think). It seems that luxury goods spending is an effect of mostly being poor, but racism doesn’t seem to default lead to poverty. Although when black wealth is 1/10 that of whites, it’s hard to propose any other hypothesis for that discrepancy other than some kind of systemic injustice.

I can feel the weight of the argument that since blacks drove economic growth at the cost of blood they are beholden to a cut, but this has not held for any worker in America. Especially now. Wages are stagnant, and production is exploding. No one is getting paid in relation to the amount of wealth they generate.

It seems the causes of black misfortune currently is living in an environment of violent crime, lack of opportunity(especially within networks), and lack of education. I don’t see how reparations solves any of those. I think it is truthful to say racism has a part in black American’s unequal position, but I don’t think it is truthful that reparations can solve them. Justice would also focus on funneling money based on victim hood as opposed to need. I would rather money go to those who need it, rather than those offended by crimes their grandparents faced.

Writes about science, politics, philosophy, and the spaces that separates us as as species — and occasionally in story form.

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