I don’t think it would be an ideal political environment to empirically prioritize perspectives based on race. For instance I am well aware of the poverty that black Americans experience, but I have certainly not experienced it. It seems you are telling me to not say a word about the poverty in these communities, and yet say that I lack perspective? I am not claiming that these communities don’t deserve wealth, they certainly do, and if I could close the wealth gap by paying a tax I would, I simply think reparations is a poor way to repay any debt that is this old.

Should novel writers stick to only writing about the race they are because they don’t understand the hardships those races face? I think that would be a move backwards for social empathy.

And could you imagine getting a $500 check for centuries of despotism?

Writes about science, politics, philosophy, and the spaces that separates us as as species — and occasionally in story form.

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